Enjoy the authentic Mexican flavors from Yxta Cocina Mexicana anywhere! We offer our catering menu to make ordering easier, for either pick up or delivery.* Let us know how we can help make your get-together a memorable occasion with our delicious food.

  Half Pan (~25 People) Full Pan (~50 People)
Mexican Rice, Cilantro Lime Rice $30 $60
Frijoles Olla, Black Beans $30 $60
Guacamole $50 $100
Mixed Green Salad $30 $60
Kale Salad $50 $100
Pico de Gallo $30 $60
Hot Sauce $25 $50
Calabacitas, Rajas Poblanas, Grilled Corn, Chipotle Mashed Potatoes, Nopalitos $50 $100

  For 20+ Orders
Enchiladas Suizas (chicken or cheese) $5/ea
Enchiladas de Mole (chicken) $5/ea
Enchiladas de Verduras $5/ea
Enchiladas de Camarón $8/ea
Chile Relleno $9/ea
Tacos de Pescado del Dia (grilled fish) $5/ea
Tacos de Carnitas $4/ea
Tacos de Al Pastor $4/ea
Tacos de Tinga de Pollo $4/ea
Tacos Dorados de Papa $3/ea
Tacos Dorados de CamarĂ³n $5/ea

*We charge $50 for local delivery. All quantities served are approximations. These prices do not include tax or gratuity.
Download our menu or for more information, call Merced at 714.277.8060. Thanks!